Nike: The Brand that “Just Did It”

Being a brand of urban culture is more that just appearances. It’s more than just designing streetwear and being young and careless. It’s also about defending social causes that occur in your community. It’s about defending your community. And Nike just did it.

Are brands discovering the true meaning of copywriting, again?

The other day, I came across a strategy case study for a tech company. I was shown a document with the company’s strategy for the future, you know, mission, vision, market placement, new target, all that. So far, nothing new to the story, right? But then, I heard about who created the document: a consultant…

Urban creativity is about culture

The concept of urban creativity isn’t just about street fashion, irreverent ideals or young kids dressing like hip-hop stars. Urban creativity is about culture. And, as people, we’re all a part of culture.

Creativity is nothing if not a feeling

A piece of urban culture is created when an entity steps out of its comfort zone and creates something with a message that makes people feel something. A message that is common to everyone and that a lot of people can relate to.

Brand creativity has the power to build new culture

Most of the times, what comes out of polemical issues like racism, social exclusion and gender inequality is usually more racism, social exclusion and gender inequality. But then, I found Lido Pimienta and Wayvy Baby.

It’s rough, it’s authentic, it’s Da Da Ding

To feel empowered by a brand, to be inspired by their content and to feel like they not only understand you, but also give you the elements you need to fight for what you believe in can only mean one thing: that brand is doing one hell of a job with their content. 

Watch out for Londoners

The thing about London is that it sets trends just by existing. It’s full of different people from all over the world that have influenced their own culture, which makes it the perfect source of trends that Nike needed to properly represent the people from this city in an ad.