You know a brand is more than a brand when what they create becomes part of urban culture. That’s Beats by Dre’s case.

The brand promise behind the most famous headphones in the world is to give people the opportunity to listen to music in their daily lives with high studio quality products. And they’ve materialized this concept in amazing different ways, from displaying the product just as it is, to collaborating with famous people, from athletes to musicians to the Kardashians. But, it’s great pieces of content like this one that show you they are more than just a brand:

This is not another collaboration with a musician. This is not a mini clip with some girl dancing. This is not about the headphones either. This is about being part of an urban cultural movement. It’s about being part of a trend while showing your product. It’s a hell of a brand strategy. And essentially, it’s about loving the brand you created.

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