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What happens when brands actually listen to people’s needs

There’s a thing that happens when you don’t consider human behavior and another that happens when you do.

Nowadays, with all tech things evolving every minute, it’s really hard to catch up with everything. So, what do brands do? They rely on new niche businesses to help them manage the “digital side” of their brand. They hire influencer marketing companies and social media star-ups to help them know not the latest trends, but the latest tools. They want to know every sing thing that is measurable, and after, they want to measure it. They feel the need to collect crazy amounts of data and other apparently important information about their consumers, so that they can reach out to them in a more specific and personalized way. So far, it doesn’t look like a bad thing, right?

Well, they did forget something, actually, they forgot the most important thing: people.

Sure, they wanna know at what time people see their posts, follow their communication, interact with each other; if they read the whole page, why they didn’t buy a product, etc., etc., etc. But, is that really knowing people? Really caring about their needs? Looking at people, speaking to them and asking them, and ourselves as well, what is missing for them is the most important thing that we, as communicators, have to do.

That’s exactly what Fenty Beauty did. And of course, you can think that its success is due to Rihanna, her name, the major ad strategy behind it all. Or you can simply accept the fact that someone had a very clear idea of what was missing in their market. In this case, there wasn’t a big brand with this much exposure with so many foundation options, that could really be used by every single woman on the planet, no matter what their complexion is.

So, besides the other fabulous products it offers, the fact that Fenty Beauty brought 40 different shades of foundation women means that they heard women’s needs and the beauty community needs as well. Essentially, its client’s needs, people’s needs.

Here’s Fenty Beauty, by Rihanna:

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