Brand creativity has the power to build new culture

Most of the times, what comes out of polemical issues like racism, social exclusion and gender inequality is usually more racism, social exclusion and gender inequality. But then, I found Lido Pimienta and Wayvy Baby.

For those like me who knew nothing about her, Lido Pimienta is a Colombian musician with a big activist voice that, after having dealt with social exclusion and racism herself, is now fighting for human rights through her music. Also, she’s a part of the project Wayvy Baby, a clothing brand (of, I dare to say, urban creativity) that “strive to bring awareness through our garments”.

Lido has a collaboration with this brand, called “We Are True”, which “explores the state of our current social climate in the digital era by rejecting social constructs that position youth culture as one that is detached from advocacy, solidarity with oppressed voices and human rights”.

I found this message so important and positive, as it doesn’t focus only on what’s wrong, but it brings awareness to it and confronts people to deal with it. But, most importantly, and the main reason I’m writing about it, it does this using creativity to its favor.

Creativity has the power to change minds, it shows us new perspectives and realities. And it’s a great way to help us feel like we’re part of a movement, like we belong to a group who has a voice, which we share, and we want to let it out.




See you next time,

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