Creativity is nothing if not a feeling

A piece of urban culture is created when an entity steps out of its comfort zone and creates something with a message that makes people feel something. A message that is common to everyone and that a lot of people can relate to.

Creativity is nothing if not a feeling a piece causes on people. Feeling nothing when seeing a creative work is the worst thing that can happen to a creator.

Making someone feel something with their products is something we see often from brands. But the clever part of this Apple’s Home Pod ad is that it’s not the product directly that makes FKA Twigs feel something, it’s what comes out of it, I mean, the possibilities it offers. In this case, it was the simple feature of playing music. Take a look:

Content like this, that not only shows people how they can feel with their products, but also makes them feel something with the quality and creativity of the content, tells us this is a great brand. A brand capable of breaking barriers and step up their work to a level when they’re no longer competing with other brands, they’re competing with the creative work launched everyday that has the potential to become part of culture.

See you next time,

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