Are brands discovering the true meaning of copywriting, again?

The other day, I came across a strategy case study for a tech company. I was shown a document with the company’s strategy for the future, you know, mission, vision, market placement, new target, all that. So far, nothing new to the story, right? But then, I heard about who created the document: a consultant copywriter. I was a bit confused for two reasons: 1st, what is a consultant copywriter? And 2nd, why is a copywriter creating this kind of strategies? I was fascinated.

During my times as a copywriter, I was always drawn to strategy. I wanted to design the strategy of what I wanted to say almost as much as I wanted to write it. So much, that I actually moved away from the creative side of advertising to the strategic one, because I thought that no copywriter would ever be as involved in strategizing for a brand than a strategic planner, or even a strategy consultant. Later, while going through this change in my career, I realized that copywriting and strategy needed indeed to be closer. But this document that I saw recently for the tech company was another level.

It showed that a copywriter, someone with a clear creative drive, had done an amazing strategy, with goals to accomplish and targeting data, I mean, everything a strategy made by a brand consultant has. And then, I saw it: the secret was in creating a script for it. This copywriter created a script for the strategy, everything from for whom the brand wants to talk to, to what they’re going to promise the consumer, what they’re going to offer them, I mean, basically everything you find in a brand strategy. But created by a copywriter.

Later, researching about these new kind of copywriters, I found this article about what Booking defines as a good copywriter. As they said,

“… the poetics of the words don’t matter much. What matters is how the copy was approached”.

It’s all about the strategy behind the copy. And it’s about how you tell it to reach people how you want to.

It’s really about the way you communicate with people. It’s about the strategy you design to make them believe you, understand you, learn from you. It’s not just a banner text, or an article, or a word in a button, it’s an experience that you create for people to interact with. And it’s only effective if you think about it this way instead of thinking about creating a nice text.

But although it seems like it, this isn’t new at all. Some years ago, Wieden+Kennedy published an ad for a copywriter, that said something like “We’re looking for copywriters. Not songwriters, not poetry writers, not journalists. Copywriters”. This really shows that these “new” kind of copywriters are the same ones advertising agencies have been looking for all these years. In fact, they’re the same kind of copywriters that made advertising famous in the ’50’s, its golden years. So, the industry hasn’t changed in this aspect. It just has come back to its routes. It finally has left the silly “change the world” advertising and the epic and dramatic storytelling, and gone back to what really matters: knowing how to talk to people.

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