Nike: The Brand that “Just Did It”

Being a brand of urban culture is more that just appearances. It’s more than just designing streetwear and being young and careless. It’s also about defending social causes that occur in your community. It’s about defending your community. And Nike just did:

Everyone is talking about it because it is something to talk about. It’s not something we witness everyday, but is something worth seeing and remembering, specially if you’re a brand.

You see, as a brand, when you have the power to move so many people world wide and truly support a community, that means something. It’s not just about filling your pockets with revenue, it’s also about being aware of your responsibility towards the society and towards those that live by the rules you set as a brand. It’s about leaving aside your corporate personality and becoming the hero your community needs you to be.

This is how Nike, a brand that has become known by its big statements and by being a real trendsetter in the urban culture, has finally shown that it is there for those who need it. For the true athletes, who should only be defined by nothing else but their effort in becoming the greatest in their fields. And of course, for its community.

One response to “Nike: The Brand that “Just Did It””

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