To Be Great for an Ephemeral Moment

A creative reflection on something more than creativity

How can something ephemeral be profound? How can it be deep enough that it isn’t shallow, but at the same time be “in style”, be trendy, be what it was created for: to last only one moment?

I struggle with this every day. I think about creating great content with great meaningful thoughts. I try to tell my version of things, through my eyes and the way I see it, and it only takes me to one place: nowhere.

I try very hard to create something truly great, because I really believe ephemeral creativity has to be great to serve its purpose – to last only one moment while being unforgettable. And because I have so much respect for those who are able to create it, I find myself being incapable of trying to do so myself, fearing it won’t be good enough. Because, after all, I’m an appreciator of other people’s art before I am a creator.

So I thought of changing this whole project and turning it into a series of reviews of great work from great people, and that’s that. But a very important person once said to me “you know, Nike isn’t great because of Wieden. Wieden is great because of Nike”.

If you know the “who’s” and “what’s” about advertising, you probably know that Wieden is just the biggest and most creative independent agency in the world, which so happens to have grown with Nike, one of their biggest clientes. And many people say they are who makes Nike the brand it is today. And some others, like this person I tell you about, think it’s because of such well-structured brands like Nike that Wieden is able to make great pieces of advertising.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go to even consider to feel like a powerful energy like Nike, instead of someone who tells stories of great ones.

But I want to embrace this journey. I want to feel like I can be great to. And profound and deep and meaningful to whoever reads this, which I’m aware that it’s pretty much no one. Still, I want to do it for me. 

This little reflection is my way of announcing the new way of thinking of this little corner of the internet from now on. A free ephemeral way, that will always try to be great even if it is just for a moment.

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