Wanna be great? Do it like you mean it.

To follow a trend is easy. To be a trend means you only have one second to be great, so you have to go all in. That’s when you make ephemeral creativity. And therefore, when you achieve creative greatness. So, how do these guys do it?


All these (and many more) amazing content creators have the ability to be true trendsetters because they are true to what you love to do.

Between copying each other and finding their style in what they love to do, they are showing the world something that tomorrow will be outdated, but that today is great. And they did it because they enjoyed it, and that kind of love shows up. Because ephemeral creativity knows the right time to show up.

That’s right. Ephemeral creativity isn’t fake, it isn’t made up or created to stuff content into a page. Ephemeral creativity is the most authentic form people have to be who they are. That’s why it is so great. It allows people to be true to who they are, to be free of judgments and concerns for that moment, to really live the moment, because eventually, it ends.

So, when these people try something and achieve greatness in what they do, it is only because what comes out from inside of them is pure, true, and because they loved what they did.

Thank you to all the content creators of urban culture out there, you are a true inspiration for me everyday.

(Photo on the left by Wladislav Glad)





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