Why are we hiring skills instead of people?

There has to be another way to grow your company.

I’ve worked in a few companies now and I can’t understand something. Hoy is it possible that a start-up that starts with 4 and then 8 and then 10 people creates a “power team” and then, when it reaches 20 or 30, starts hiring people like crazy to do jobs no one wants and paying very little?

I know, this may sound a little harsh, let me explain you what I mean:

Over the time, either through my own experiences or my friends’, I’ve realized that companies that start out with a good idea and very few people do great. They have their team with their key people, which are basically a bunch of everything-doers, which is fine and challenging and exciting, because you’re starting out the project and you have to wait for it to evolve before having a lot of people working for you.

But then, when companies do have money to grow and to invest and to push their business forward, they become organized machines that hire people with a wide profile for very specific tasks. And the worst thing is, they hire people with a lot of good skills, young people that have opportunity to grow and to evolve, but they encapsulate them into one simple mechanic task. They basically take the life out of these people. Why is that?

It can either be writing out HTML code or uploading content to a CMS, or even scheduling social media posts. These tasks are all usually part of someone’s job. But not their entire job. Not all their tasks. Except, in these new companies, they are.

This not only removes any kind of motivation people might have to become a part of a project, but it also leaves them out from every other team in the company, it removes the interaction between departments, because you only speak to your direct boss, who speaks to other bosses in the same level, who have a higher boss that reports to the CEO.

Can’t we be able to find jobs for people where they can grow and become someone in the company? Where they can learn the mechanical tasks, but also have their own opportunity to explore other fields, to integrate themselves in other departments and actually do something meaningful for the business?

I really hope someone, someday, finds a solution for this, and starts thinking not in the skills they need to hire, but the people they need to join their team.

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