#EphemeraOfTheWeek Beliza Coro

Yesterday I met an amazing woman: Beliza Coro. When she was a young girl, she was selling fruits and vegetables at the local markets with her family when she got to be a part of Fundación Telefónica’s program Proniño.

This is a program that takes working children off the streets and markets and gives them a chance to have an education and to have the opportunity to decide what they want to do with their lives.

Beliza was a part of this program, along with her sister and many other kids. After graduating high school, she went to law school and was the first girl from her tribe in Ecuador to have graduated the best university of the country with honors.

She has studied in the US and Israel, she has done a master’s degree in London and another one in Madrid. She is currently finishing her PHD classes, and during this whole time after college, she’s been working for the lawyer council of Telefónica.

I had heard about her and her accomplishments before, and this week, through the Consulate of Ecuador in Barcelona, I got the opportunity to meet her, hear about her struggles in life and thank her for inspiring me in pursuing everything I want to do.

In life, I don’t think it’s good to compare other people’s experiences with yourself’s. But I do think it’s important for us to know they exist, to know that there was someone who might have gotten things a bit more difficult for them and managed to get through all that and rise in their lives. And that, although you are in different circumstances, you can do that too.

Beliza Coro is a huge example of achievement and empowerment, of taking the opportunities you get in life and really use them to change your future and shape it however you want.

She is a huge inspiration for me, and a great way to start the “Amazing Women Series” here in the blog.

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