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The Era of Ephemeral Creativity Has Finally Arrived

I recently read a really interesting article from AdWeek (I even posted it on my LinkedIn). It was about how many people are afraid of the amount of media available to display on, and think it will compromise the quality of the creative content. And it explained that the new ad industry is not killing creativity, just making more challenging for creators.

I completely agreed with this, and the new Snapchat tool just confirmed it to me.

It seems Snapchat has created its own version of Netflix and YouTube Originals, only much more powerful creatively.  As this article by Mark Wilson at Fast Company puts it, “… the company needs to leverage shared experiences to keep its users ping-ponging around the app. Another new interactive element it’s introducing is for reactions”.

Basically, it’s a great innovative way to watch series while interacting with the story, obviously created for millennials and the generations after that. But, what does this mean for the creative industry? I think it means that creativity is finally truly ephemeral.

It means that we have arrived the era where creativity can live freely and be itself without fears or strings because it will only last a moment. It will give creators the opportunity to make mistakes and have small audiences. Or to be famous for 5 seconds because the next day a new creator will have their shot.

Creativity isn’t affected by the new changes in the industry. It’s simply more authentic. It’s more realistic. More real. It’s ephemeral creativity in its purest state. And I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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