#EphemeraOf TheWeek Carolina Deslandes

To inaugurate this series of ephemeral art celebrations, we have the pleasure to bring forward a piece of art of many shapes.

This is “Mulher”, the latest work from the singer and song writer Carolina Deslandes, a project that is so much more than a song.

“Mulher” was transformed into a short film, 4 whole songs that compose an album and a beautiful set of images to represent each one of them. The story behind it is the physical and psychological abuse women suffer every day due to the cultural, social and religious beliefs of our society. It’s a very serious matter that we, as society, should be ashamed that it still exists.

Carolina is an active voice in this matter and decided to make it even louder by launching “Mulher” (which translates to “Woman”) on the very same day as the Elimination of Violence Against Women’s Day. In an interview Carolina gave to the Portuguese magazine SAPO Mag, the artist explains that this album represents several generations of women who have suffered domestic violence.

This amazing album is available on Spotify for everyone to listen. Enjoy!

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