Watch out for Londoners

The thing about London is that it sets trends just by existing. It’s full of different people from all over the world that have influenced their own culture, which makes it the perfect source of trends that Nike needed to properly represent the people from this city in an ad.

The mix of visual effects, the change of songs throughout the clip, the camera work and the acting of everyone who’s in it is also a great example of the different cultures that coexist in London, not to mention the copywriting, which is very clever. All the while, of course, showing their product EVERYWHERE.

People from London are fearless, uncomplicated, and they work with what they’ve got. That’s why every bit of “Nothing beats a Londoner” will inspire you.



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Jimmy Choo wants you to be in love with his shoes

It doesn’t matter who’s wearing them, they are so amazing on their own that the only thing you’ll be looking at will be the shoes. That’s the story Jimmy Choo tells in this ad starring Cara Delevingne. And it makes you want to be in it.

The new York streets, people everywhere, the sparkling store, the neon lights, the snack before the club and the elegance of the walk are elements that come together to create a piece of content that makes you wanna wear those shoes. In my book, this is one ad that sets the trend.



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There’s no such thing as too many dance video ads

These days, brands are focusing a lot on showing their creativity and products through music. It could seem like too much, but it’s worth it. And let’s face it: when using powerful music that really portrays the message in a right way and keeps up with the movement of the images, dance video ads are never too much.

That’s what Levi’s does in this ad called “Circles”. It shows a lot of people from different races and cultures dancing to one single song in very different ways. And of course, the little red tag is present in almost every clip of it. Basically, just another great ad from Levi’s.



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The best dressed Postman’s Dreams ever

It’s been a long time since brands display their products on social media without using influencers. But specially, doing it in such a clever way, drawing our attention to every bit of detail that is displayed in each scene, not to mention using famous people to tell the postman’s dreams.



And it doesn’t end here! There is a lot more to see about this campaign, from little stories with another handsome postman to beautiful models “feeling” the textures. Don’t miss it here.


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